A Portrait of Shinran: As Presented in Kakunyo’s Three Classical Collections, Vol. 1



  • Author: Kakunyo
  • Kindle Price: US$2.99
  • Published: February 27, 2014

The Kudenshō is the first of our three-volume Portrait of Shinran. When we read it, it feels as if we are together with Shinran listening to him tell his favorite stories. These were stories he enjoyed telling his close disciples Nyoshin and Yuien over and over again. Through listening they were able to better gain their bearings on the Buddha way.

In 1331, almost seventy years after his death, these stories were compiled by his great-grandson Kakunyo (1270–1351) who wished to record them for posterity. Kudenshō is less known compared to the Tannishō. Filled with anecdotes it give us a glimpse of the essence of Shinran’s teaching. It also gives us a vivid picture of his life through the eyes of his immediate descendants.

Eight of the stories are also related to the Tannishō in some way. Kakunyo tries to clarify the controversial points of the teaching. Does our karma affect our chances for enlightenment or not? The book also serves to establish Kakunyo as the direct heir to the teaching lineage.

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